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Xtreme Klean are specialists in the cleaning and protection of tiles and grout together with other hard surfaces, both man-made and natural. Don’t throw out your old tiles, let us renew your tiles to their original condition. It saves you time AND money.

Whilst these tiled surfaces have greatly enhanced the appearance of many domestic and commercial spaces, they have brought with them particular cleaning issues.  Over time and simply through normal usage there is a build up of dirt and grime on the actual tiles but especially on the porous grout lines.  As this is a gradual process it may not always be obvious to you.  Even when it is recognised there has, to date, not been any effective remedy available other than costly total replacement.

We will come in and clean your tiles and grout, then re-colour by hand every grout joint and finally, seal it with a clear-coat protector to lock in the colour to ease your everyday cleaning chores. The result is a smoother, completely consistent grout that keeps it’s factory colour indefinitely. The results will be so dramatic that your floor will look new even if it is several years old. In fact, the only reasons you’ll have to change your tile now will be because you are tired of it or need to change the whole decor.

The premier solution for the grout lines of ceramic and porcelain tiles is Colour Sealing. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, especially light coloured ones such as ivory and off white, look fantastic when initially laid as the grout lines are clean and well defined.  However, the grout becomes discoloured and will eventually turn black, spoiling the overall effect.

The answer is Colour Sealing – Colour Sealing should not be confused with inferior retail products such as grout colorants and paints because it not only colours the grout but also permanently seals it. Once your tiles and grout have been professionally cleaned by XtremeKlean, why not seal the surface in order to preserve the first class finish? A “clear seal” is a highly effective way of protecting grout and natural stone tiles.  It is a non-toxic and silicone free seal which, once dry, is undetectable and, being biodegradable, is environmentally friendly.  The clear seal will protect the tiles and grout from staining and soiling by the likes of wine, tea & coffee, sauces, oils and general dirt.  Its application causes minimum disruption and the sealant actually impregnates the tiles and grout lines to give a long lasting result.

You have probably spent many frustrating hours and purchased numerous expensive cleaning products trying to clean properly your tiles, grout and hard surfaces.

If you have an area in your house where your grout is shaded, soiled or discoloured in any way, this can be an excellent option to full tile replacement and always at a fraction of the cost.

Lets face it, dirty looking grout can make your whole floor look old even if it’s not. You can stop trying to manage your dirty grout today.

  • Internally – ceramic, terracotta, porcelain, limestone, quarry, travertine, sandstone and slate tiles (but not, we regret, marble).
  • Externally – patios, driveways and courtyards.

The Before and After pictures speak for themselves  

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