Shower Restorations

Cleaning, sealing and maintaining your tile, grout and stone can be a difficult task.  It is nevertheless necessary to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and sanitary state of your tile floors, showers, counter tops and anywhere else you have tile and grout.  Following the proper tile and grout cleaning procedures combined with using the proper tile cleaning products will help you can achieve the best possible cleaning results without wasting your time or damaging your tile, grout and stone surfaces. We clean tile & grout in showers, replace the silicon, as well as recolouring the grout.

It is important to properly seal tile and grout using a professional grade sealer to keep it clean, stain free and sanitary.  Grout is an extremely porous material that can harbour dirt, mould, mildew and bacteria.  Sealing your grout will protect it from these contaminates and keep your grout sanitary and clean.

When areas of look mouldy, yellow, discoloured and start to come out then this is an indication that the rest of the grout is also in poor condition. The damaged grout may not look too bad from the outside but what you are not seeing behind the tiles in the walls can be a dangerous situation. Over time water will make its way through the weakened grout and start accumulating in your walls.  Eventually mould and mildew can grow in your walls and then can start eating into your wall joists and can cause serious problems. Additionally the mouldy walls can attract ants and termites into your home causing additional structural damage.

The Before and After pictures speak for themselves

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